Confidence Boost: Start Your 21 Day Cleanse

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I have done research on different cleanses, and I have tried several myself but I found one that actually works! When I refer to it actually working, I am talking about the fact that I am not tearing through my fridge and/or pantry looking for the worst possible foods to eat and binging all night as soon as my cleanse ends… Not to mention I am down 5 pounds in just 10 days! The cleanse is called The Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program. You can simply Google it and find information about the cleanse. Here is the PDF you can view to learn more about the cleanse: (  The great thing about this cleanse is that doctors use it with patients to figure out what foods trigger certain issues (i.e. migraines–something I have suffered from).

Yes, cleansing is only a temporary fix to your eating habits, however, I found it to change my eating habits entirely and for the long-term; that to me is a successful cleanse. Statistically speaking, you need to do something for 21 days for a habit to change. Then you can work on lifestyle changes to what you are eating.

The first few days of the cleanse are the most difficult. You may not be used to eating healthy. The smell of chocolate from your coworkers candy dish is intoxicating and all you want to do is grab that tiny snickers bar…. DO NOT DO IT! I had to keep myself from giving into temptation and you can too! You crave food that you tend to eat: lots of sugar, bad carbs, and white starches. These are the foods you should try and steer clear from. As soon as you get through those first few days (or week in my case), cleansing becomes much easier.

Days 1-10: Only fresh fruits and veggies

You are allowed to eat as many fruits and veggies that you want in the first 10 days. Good news! You do not have to starve yourself during this entire cleanse! It is not about not eating, it is about cleansing your system and ohhhhhhhhhh cleanse it does.

2-3 smoothies are part of this cleanse and I have to say, it is the best solution to curb your sweet cravings!

Stay strong, these were the most difficult days for me because I LOVE chicken and bread and butter and cheese. OK, I love a lot of things but stay strong during the first ten days. It is for good reason you are only on a fruit and veggie diet, cleaning out your system with any of the junk you have put into your body prior to the cleanse. My only advice here is to be creative. You do not have to eat salads day in and day out, borrrrrrrrrrring. Pinterest is a blessing when it comes to finding healthy recipes, which I use often and can also be a curse in the first ten days seeing as most of the recipes on there you probably will not be able to eat because it includes dairy, grains, protein, and nuts; these foods should not be in your diet within the first ten days. Use Pinterest wisely my friends. I found myself fall under the “oh my goodness, that looks so freakin’ delicious” trap every time I logged in and had to work on my self-control.

Days 11-21: Incorporating groups of foods back into your diet

I am SO glad I did not cave and am still going!

Continue with 2-3 smoothies/day!

The 11th day! Oh what a glorious day. It is recommended you only incorporate groups of foods back into your diet every couple of days. Grains, dairy, meat, and nuts are the food groups you can begin with. For example, begin your 11th morning with some eggs. You do not want to incorporate everything at once and add in grains with a piece of toast and butter. Just see how you feel after you have reintroduced a food into your system. Do you feel OK? Do you feel bloated or sick to your stomach? I’m learning that I need to stay away from dairy because my body has an intolerance to it… sooooo bloated. Each couple of days, introduce a new food group into your diet over the next ten days to figure out what your trigger foods or trigger food groups are.

Post 21 Days: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

I encourage you to be creative with recipes. There are alternatives to heavy starches including pasta, mashed potatoes, rice. Spaghetti squash is a great alternative to pasta as well as zucchini pasta (you can find this at whole foods), cauliflower is a great alternative to mashed potatoes and rice–same consistency of both foods but a lot lighter and not as many calories, which is a plus! Just be creative with your recipes and continue your vegetable and fruit intake on a regular basis. I definitely use the vegan website (although I’m not vegan) I have modified a lot of her recipes to include chicken in them. She is fabulous and has an entire recipe book out there for you to buy off of Amazon. I have tried most of her recipes, and they are so delish!

Don’t eat after 6pm

It is better for your digestion system!

Basically, we want to increase our fiber intake and clean out our system, which is exactly what this cleanse does. You’ll feel a little sluggish and lethargic during the first few days but after that, you’ll have a sense of increased energy and feel much better about yourself. The key to making all of this work is to stick with a healthy-food diet. If you get bad cravings, I believe you should eat something that will fill that craving, just try and go with a healthier option or think smaller portions. There are plenty of healthy recipes out there that taste similar to something you crave.

Cleansing helps you become more conscious about your eating habits. This is something anyone is capable of changing. You just need to be willing to stick with it!

Good luck, you can do this!

Branding Yourself Increases Confidence


Fashion Blog Post

So what does it mean to brand yourself? By branding yourself, I am talking about figuring out what style speaks to you when you are shopping and enter one of your go-to department stores or your favorite boutique.

Where is it in that store you travel to first? Is it to the dresses, skirts, tops, jeans, workout clothes, undergarments, or accessories? Or perhaps you love to browse through each and every rack until you find something you think you might like. Or maybe the shoes, oh the shoes! What kind of styles are you attracted to?

Talk about style overload when you walk into any store. There are the plain and simple styles, the flashy and bold styles, the relaxed styles, the fitted styles, the elegant styles, the sexy styles, the casual styles, the sporty styles…. OK, I will stop there considering I could go on and on about every style out there. However, each of us has a particular brand, a style that speaks to our personality, and finding that brand promotes a positive self image and increases confidence.

Now you know where to look, what to look for, and exactly what fits your style. Not to mention the fact that you are going to save tons of time shopping (I definitely consider that a plus)! You have finally found your brand! Because you have found your brand, you feel confident in what you wear, and therefore you walk with a little more strut, you stand a little taller, and you know that anyone who walks by will wonder what your secret is to being that confident woman all women aspire to.